Tetsuya SAHARA WHAT HAPPENED IN ADANA IN APRIL 1909? Conflicting Armenian and Turkish views 

WHAT HAPPENED IN ADANA IN APRIL 1909? Conflicting Armenian and Turkish views

WHAT HAPPENED IN ADANA IN APRIL 1909? Conflicting Armenian and Turkish views Preface 1. Turco-Armenian controversy and conspiracy theories Conspiracy Theories on the Adana Incident: Prototypes – Rehashed Theo-ries: The Armenian Version – Rehashed Theories: The Turkish Version – A Disputable Document: the “Report” of Agop Babikyan – A Disputable Documents: The Memoirs of Mehmed Asaf. 2. The Adana province dur-ing the nineteenth century The Land of Derebeys – The ‘Reform Division’ and the Beginning of the Centralized Administration – Cotton Export and the Development of Agrarian Economy – Massive Colonization during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century – Land Accumulation – Emergence of New Local Bosses: The Ağas – The Plight of Muslim Peasants – A Multi-Ethnic Society and the Ethnic Division of Labour – Turco-Armenian Rela-tions 3. The Young Turk revolution and its impact on the Adana province CUP Takeover of Power and its Weakness – Ambivalent Charac-ters of the CUP Adana Branch – The New Provincial Government – Anti-CUP Sentiment among the Muslims – Struggle between the Pro- and Anti-Cevad blocks – Muslim-Armenian Tensions after the Revolution – The Smuggling of fire arms – Armenian cultural activities and their side-effects. 4. A hidden agenda: Demographic warfare and land disputes Arme-nian Nationalism and the Muslim reaction – Demographic dimension – Rising tension in communal relations – Repeated dispute over the Taylan Çiftliği – New Demographic Pressure after the Young Turk Revolution – Dispute over the Armenian land ownership after the Revolution – The re-percussions of the land dispute over Armeno-Muslim relations. 5. The April incidents in Adana The Hovannes Affair and the Excitement of the Muslim Population – The Outbreak of Hostilities – Defence of the Arme-nians – Muslim Mob – How the Provincial Government Reacted – The End of the Initial Hostilities and an Interlude – The Second Incident. 6. Riots and massacres in the countryside The Hamidiye Incident – The Tarsus Inferno – The Attack of Kozoluk – The Disturbance in the Cebel-i Bereket – The retreat of the Hasanbeyli Armenians – The siege of Dörtyol – The Ko-zan Prefecture. 7. The aftermath The Casualties – The Relief and Recon-struction Works – A Farewell to Conspiracy Theories. Bibliography
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