Rıfat N. BALİ

THE VARLIK VERGİSİ AFFAIR: A study on its legacy. Selected documents

Rıfat N. BALİ

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Other: 2005 426 p.
KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS INTRODUCTION I- THE VARLIK VERGİSİ AND ITS LEGACY Existing Sources and Publications on the Capital Tax Law The Capital Tax Law and its Implementation A Narrative of the Capital Tax Law, Based on Documents from the National Archives of the United States The Capital Tax Debate During the Multi-Party Period Social Memory and the Capital Tax II- SELECTED DOCUMENTS A) Articles and Caricatures Published Prior to the Capital Tax B) Text of the Tax and Pertaining Regulations Law No. 4305 Concerning the Tax on Wealth Regulations Concerning the Manner of Application of Articles 12 and 13 Containing the Provisions Relative to Obligatory Labor of Law no. 4305 Concerning The Tax on Wealth C) Letters Sent During the Implementation of the Capital Tax Letters Sent by Turkish Jews to Relatives Abroad. Letter Sent by a Turkish Greek Detained in Sivrihisar Labour Camp A Letter From a British Person Living in Istanbul A letter From a Foreign Journalist Excerpts of Letters Intercepted by the Office of the JICAME in Cairo D) Articles and Caricatures Published During and After the Implementation of the Capital Tax E) Documents From the Public Record Office, (London) FO 371/37400/48345/R.645. Letter from British Ambassador Sir H. Knatchbull-Hugessen to Anthony Eden dated 1st January 1943. FO 371/37401/R1212. Letter from British Ambassador Sir H. Knatchbull-Hugessen to Anthony Eden dated 29 January 1943. FO 371/37402/R2416. Letter from British Ambassador Sir H. Knatchbull-Hugessen to Anthony Eden dated 5th March 1943. FO 371/37403/R3391. Record of conversation between Şevki Berker and British Ambassador Sir H. Knatchbull-Hugessen dated 10th March 1943. FO 371/37402/48245/R2809. Letter dated 26th March 1943 from Prime Minister’s Office to Foreign Office to which extract of two reports are enclosed: (a) report of a visit paid to Demirkapı where minorities were assembled prior to their despatch to Aşkale, (b) extract from a letter received from Istanbul giving a report of the situation. FO 371/37470/R5698. Letter from British Ambassador Sir H. Knatchbull-Hugessen to Anthony Eden dated 21st June 1943. FO 371/37406/R8574. Document dated 30th August 1943, describing transport conditions to Sivrihisar as well as living conditions there. FO 195/2480. Report entitled "Minorities in Turkey" dated 30 October 1943, added to document dated 16th November 1943. F) Documents From the National Archives and Records Administration, (Maryland). Letter dated August 3, 1943 from American Consulate General in Istanbul to State Department, to which a report giving situation of the minorities under the Capital Tax Law is attached. "Memorandum on the Varlık Vergisi" by Walter L. Wright, Jr. Document from OSS entitled "Paraphrase of Interview with Walter L. Wright, Jr." Document from OSS entitled "Experiences in a Turkish Concentration Camp". Document from OSS entitled "The Capital Levy: A Key to the Understanding of Current Trends in Turkey". Letter from the President of The American Jewish Committee to Secretary of State dated March 26, 1947. Letter from the State Department to The American Jewish Committee, dated 26 March 1947. G) Articles published in The New York Times by C. L. Sulzberger, dated September 9-11 and 17, 1943. H) Documents From the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research Archives, (New York) A report dated September 1943. Report entitled "Minorities in Civilized Turkey - The ‘Varlık’ Law", dated December 22, 1945. I) Documents From the American Jewish Archives, (Cincinnati) Letter from the Vaad Leumi to the World Jewish Congress dated September 23, 1943. Cable from Moshe Shertok to the World Jewish Congress dated September 24, 1943. Note dated January 25, 1944 sent to World Jewish Congress. J) Documents From the AJJDC Givat Joint Archives, (Jerusalem) "Quelques Détails Sur La Situation Des Juifs De Brousse" K) Excerpts From the Memoirs of Ahmed Emin Yalman Excerpt from Turkey in My Time. Excerpt from his memoirs in Turkish. Public Record Office Document FO 371/33376/R8573/810/44 dated 12 December 1942, concerning Ahmet Emin Yalman. ILLUSTRATIONS BIBLIOGRAPHY

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