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CHALLENGED TERRITORIES Cartographies of Greece and the Levant During the Ottoman Era

Author Name George TOLIAS
Other Informations 2010 256 p.
ISBN 978-975-428-416-4
Price 30.00 USD

Foreword A. Maps and Politics

  1. Challenged Territories: Competing Cartographic Approaches to Greece, Fifteenth-Nineteenth Centuries

  2. The Politics of the Isolario: Maritime Cosmography and Overseas Expansion during the Renaissance

  3. Il Tramonto degli Isolari: Informazione e celebrazione (1572-1696) B. Occidental Cartographic Fictions

  4. Mourning Greece: Cartographic Allegories of Melancholy in the Late Renaissance 

  5. ‘Sweet Land of Cyprus’: The Heritage of Cyprus and Early Modern Cartography

  6.  À la recherche d’Homère: Les aventures de la géographie homérique au XVIIIe siècle C. The Ambitions of Greek Cartography

  7. Totius Graeciae: Nicolaos Sophianos’ Map of Greece and the Transformations of ‘Hellenism’

  8. Maps printed in Greek During the Age of Enlightennent, 1665-1820

  9. Antiquarianism, Patriotism and Empire: Transfers of the Cartography of The Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece (1788-1811) Supplement

  10. La Grèce restaurée: Une république insulaire savante

  11. Images de la Turquie dans la Presse littéraire parisienne sous le Directoire, le Consulat et l’Empire, 1794-1816 Index