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Author Name S. FAROQHI
Other Informations 2008 300 p.
ISBN 978-975-428-374-7
Price 35.00 USD
Introduction 1. “The Ottoman Empire in world history: What the Archives Can tell us” unpublished Legitimizing the sultan and his empire 2. “Presenting the sultans’ power, glory and piety: a comparative perspective,” in Prof. Dr. Mübahat Kütükoğlu'na Armağan, ed. by Zeynep Tarım Ertuğ (Istanbul: Istanbul Üniversitesi Edebiyat Fakültesi Tarih Bölümü, 2006): 169-206. 3. “Exotic animals at the sultans’ court,” unpublished Relating to the outside world 4. “Ottoman views on corsairs and piracy in the Adriatic,” in The Kapudan Pasha. His Office and his Domain, ed. by Elizabeth Zachariadou (Rethymnon: University of Crete Press, 2002): 357-371. 5. “Ottoman attitudes towards merchants from Latin Christendom before 1600,” Turcica, 35 (2002): 69-104. 6. “İbrahim Paşa and the marquis de Bonnac,” in Essays in honour of Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, Volume 1: Societies, cultures, sciences: a collection of articles, compiled by Mustafa Kaçar and Zeynep Durukal (Istanbul: IRCICA, 2006): 279-294. 7. “An Ottoman ambassador in Iran: Dürri Ahmed Efendi and the collapse of the Safavid Empire in 1720-21,” in Wahrnehmung des Fremden, Differenzerfahrungen von Diplomaten in Europa (1500-1648) ed. by Michael Rohrschneider and Arno Strohmeyer (Münster/Germany: Aschendorff, 2007): 375-398. Revised and translated for this volume by the author Outsiders on Ottoman territory and Ottomans abroad: prisoners, slaves and merchants 8. “A prisoner of war reports: The camp and household of Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Paşa in an eyewitness account,” in Unfreie Arbeits-und Lebensverhältnisse von der Antike bis in die Gegenwart, ed. Elisabeth Herrmann-Otto (Hildesheim, Zurich, New York: Georg Olms Verlag, 2005): 206-234. Translated for this volume by the author 9. “Trying to avoid enslavement: the adventures of an Iranian subject in eighteenth-century Anatolia,” in Unfreie Arbeit, Ökonomische und kulturgeschichtliche Perspektiven ed. by M. Erdem Kabadayı and Tobias Reichardt (Hildesheim, Zurich, New York: Georg Olms Verlag, 2007): 133-146. Translated for this volume by the author 10. “Bosnian merchants in the Adriatic," in Ottoman Bosnia. A History in Peril — has also appeared as The International Journal of Turkish Studies, 10, 1-2, ed. by Markus Koller and Kemal Karpat (Madison/Wisc.: Center of Turkish Studies, 2004): 225-239. 11. “The Ottomans and the trade routes of the Adriatic,” in a collective volume edited by Oliver Jens Schmidt (to be published in 2009) Translated for this volume by the author Bibliography Index