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KOUKLIA IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY CYPRUS On the Ruins of a once Glorious Paphos

Author Name Ed. Evangelia BALTA
Other Informations 2015 423 p.
ISBN 978-975-428-551-2
Price 50.00 USD
List of Tables List of Abbreviations Note on Usage Foreword PART ONE S e t t l e m e n t s a n d P o p u l a t i o n o f K o u k l i a ntroduction 1. Nahiye of Kouklia (16th-17th centuries) 2. The kaza of Kouklia in the 19th-century censuses 2a. 1825 2b. 1831-1832 2c. 1833 2d. 1843-1844 3. The census of Kouklia on the eve of British rule 3a. The sources 3b. Settlments and Population (1876-1877) Inhabitants names Professions The disabled Military service Relocations and migrations Criminality Protégés PART TWO T h e S o u r c e s Note on Orthography and Transliteration – Sigla Taşra Tasnifi Kıbrıs Mutasarrıflığı Defteri no 41 Varidat Muhasebesi Defterleri, Temettuat Defteri no 16155 3. Νüfus Defteri no 3751 4. Νüfus Defteri no 3752 5. Register 35 6. Register 49 7. Register 45 8. Register 52 Glossary Bibliography Index