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Author Name Georgios N. Soutsos
Other Informations 2012 124 p.
ISBN 978-975-428-462-1
Price 15.00 USD
Acknowledgements INTRODUCTION 1. The Author of the Libel: Georgios Nikolaou Soutsos (ca. 1760–1816) 2. The Target of the Dramatic Libel: Alexandros Mavrokordatos Firari (1754–1819) 3. Alexandrovodas the Unscrupulous (1785): A Three-act Satirical Libel I. Brief outline of the plot II. The dramatis personae Male Characters Female Characters III. The monologues IV. The lan-guage V. Class-consciousness vs. ethnic awareness VI. The philoso-phy of the ruler: Machiavellianism, atheism, and freemasonry 4. European Theater in the Eighteenth Century 5. Realities and Pros-pects of Theater East of Europe 6. Overall Assessment of Alexan-drovodas the Unscrupulous 7. Conclusion BIBLIOGRAPHY THE TEXT OF ALEXANDROVODAS THE UNSCRUPULOUS GLOSSARY INDEXES