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Author Name Ed. Gábor KÁRMAN and Radu G. PĂUN
Other Informations 2013 268 p.
ISBN 978-975-428-487-4
Price 30.00 USD
Preface Foreword 1. Life in Wartime Ovidiu CRISTEA: A Second Front: Wallachia and the ‘Long War’ against the Turks. Marco PENZI : Professional Warfare as Career Option: François de Bassompierre Joins the Long Turkish War. Domagoj MADUNIĆ: Frontier Elites of the Ottoman Empire during the War for Crete (1645–1669): The Case of Ali-Pasha Čengić. 2. Networks in War and Peace Johann PETITJEAN: On his Holiness’ Secret Service: How Ragusa became an Intelligence Agency after Lepanto. Natalia KRÓLIKOWSKA: Polish-Tatar Alliances in the Seventeenth Century. Intelligence Gathering, Espionage and Exchange of Information. Gábor KÁRMÁN: The Network of a Wallachian Pretender in Constantinople: The Contacts of the Future Voivode Mihail Radu (1654–1657). Balázs SUDÁR: Iskender and Gábor Bethlen: The Pasha and the Prince. 3. The Power of Representations Liviu PILAT: Between Ottoman Empire and Latin Christendom: Moldavia as Frontier Society in the Late Middle Ages. Radu G. PĂUN: The Ottoman Empire and its Tributaries as Seen through Foreign Eyes: Venetian Sixteenth-Century Relazioni. Christine VOGEL: A Sublime Illusion? French Accounts of Ottoman Ceremonies in the Late Seventeenth Century. About the Authors