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Author Name Ed. David Shankland
Other Informations 2013 420 p.
ISBN 978-975-428-484-3
Price 45.00 USD
Acknowledgements Preface Contributors 1.David Shankland, Hasluck Revisited PART ONE: NATIONALISM AND HERITAGE 2. Kraus Kreiser, The Turkish discovery of Anatolia 3. Gianclaudio Macchiarella, Albania and the FYR of Macedonia: Two recent laws concerning cultural heritage protection in the Balkans 4. Eisuke Tanaka, Turks and Trojans: Turkish approaches to the Anatolian past 5. Debbie Challis, Charles Newton: The keeper, the British Museum and the Ottoman Empire PART TWO: HETERODOX CURRENTS 6. John Norton, Tracking Turkish tribes 7. Rıza Yıldırım, Investing the socio-cultural background of the Kızılbaş ‘heresy’ in the Ottoman Empire: the case of Seyyid Rüstem Gazi 8. Hande Birkalan-Gedik, Reconsidering gender and genre: female aşıks, tradition and tactics 9. Caroline Tee, Seyfili Dede — the life history of an Alevi dede-aşık 10. Zeynep Yürekli, Two shrines joined in one network: Seyyid Gazi and Hacı Bektaş 11. Esra Danacıoğlu Tamur and Amed Gökçen, Fieldwork among the Ezidis/Yezidis of Viranşehir PART THREE: RELIGION AND RITUAL 12. Robert Langer, The transfer of the Alevi cem ritual from Anatolia to Istanbul and beyond 13. Afrodite Kamara, Religious extremism in Anatolia and Syria: A comparative study of ecstatic and destructive behaviour 14. Glenn Bowman, Hasluck Redux: contemporary sharing of shrines in Macedonia 15. Tijana Krstic, The ambiguous politics of ‘ambiguous santuaries’; F. Hasluck and historiography on syncretism and conversion to Islam in 15th and 16th century Ottoman Rumeli 16. Edith Wolper, Khidr and the language of conversion: creating landscapes of discontinuity PART FOUR: MATERIAL CULTURE 17. Ömür Bakırer, Two essays on the Divriği great mosque and hospital 18. Ali Uzay Peker, Imprisoned pearls: the long-forgotten symbolism of the Great Mosque and D®r al-shif®’ at Divriği PART FIVE: HISTORY AND CHANGE 19. Colin Heywood, Standing of Hasluck’s shoulders: Another look at Francesco Lupazzolo and his Aegean Isolario (1638) 20. David Barchard, The clash of religions in nineteenth century Crete 21. Harry Norris, Bucharest (Bucureşti), ‘Bektashi Pages’ and Kosovo (Kosova); Three neglected corners of changing Albanian culture language and identity during the days of travel and discovery of the Haslucks in the Balkan 22. Keith Hopwood, Cyzicus