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TURKISH STUDENTS' MOVEMENTS AND THE TURKISH LEFT IN THE 1950'S - 1960'S. Presented and annotated by Rıfat N. Bali

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Other Informations 2006 120 p.
ISBN ISBN: 975-428-330-3
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Abbreviations Introduction CHAPTER I - DOCUMENTS CONCERNING TURKISH UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ?Report dated: August 14, 1950, Subject: Student Organizations in Turkey 11 ?Report dated: November 7, 1963, Subject: Istanbul Students in Turkish Politics ?Report dated: November 19, 1964, Subject: Istanbul University: Culture or Anarchy CHAPTER II - DOCUMENTS CONCERNING THE TURKISH LEFT ?Report dated: May 7, 1964 Subject: Leftward drift in Istanbul ?Report dated: August 6, 1964 Subject: Problems of the Turkish Left as seen from Istanbul ?Report dated: December 29, 1964 Subject: The socialist Movement in Samsun ?Report dated: January 21, 1965 Subject: The Istanbul Left ?Report dated: February 4, 1965 Subject: The Istanbul Left at the Beginning of 1965 ?Report dated: July 15, 1965 Subject: Anti-left Activity in the Istanbul Business Community ?Report dated: August 13, 1965 Subject: The Basis of Some Anti-Americanism in Turkey ?Report dated: August 26, 1965 Subject: Some comments on the Istanbul Left US DIPLOMATIC DOCUMENTS ON TURKEY CHAPTER III - DOCUMENTS CONCERNING DOĞAN AVCIOĞLU AND THE YÖN JOURNAL ?Report dated December 29, 1961 Subject: Publication New Weekly Yön ?Report dated January 23, 1962 Subject: Two Memoranda of Conversation Which Throw Further Light on the Policies of Yön, the New Turkish Paper. ?Report dated: October 6, 1966 Subject: Lack of Cohesion in the Turkish ?Left? ?Report dated July 12, 1967 Subject: Demise of Yön ?Report dated November 4, 1969 Subject: Appearance of first issue of Devrim SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR FURTHER READING