THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE: MYTHS, REALITIES AND 'BLACK HOLES' Contributions in honour of Colin Imber

THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE: MYTHS, REALITIES AND 'BLACK HOLES' Contributions in honour of Colin Imber Preface by Eugenia Kermeli & Oktay Özel ?Colin Imber, Historian of the Ottoman State? by Colin Heywood Colin Imber?s Publications Contributions Rosemary Morris, ?The epoptês Thomas at work? Keith Hopwood, ?Nicaea and her Eastern Neighbours? Heath W. Lowry, ?Some Thoughts on the Meaning of Gaza and Akın in Early Ottoman Usage? Oktay Özel, ?The Transformation of Provincial Administration in Anatolia: Observations on Amasya from 15th to 17th Centuries? Kenan İnan, ?On the Sources of Tursun Bey?s Tarih-i Ebu?l Feth? Evgeni Radushev, ?The First Ottoman Conquest of Buda in 1526, and the History of a Jewish Family? Leslie Peirce, ?In search of the Harem. Sexual Crime and Social Space in Ottoman Royal Law of the 15th and 16th Centuries? Christine Woodhead, ?Scribal chaos? Observations on the Post of Re?isülküttab in the Late Sixteenth Century? Linda Darling, ?Mediterranean Borderlands: Early English Merchants in the Levant? Gilles Veinstein, ?Le statut de musta?min, entre droit et politique? Rossitsa Gradeva, ?On Zimmis and Church Buildings: Four Cases from Rumeli? Nicolas Vatin, ?Comment on garde un secret: note confidentielle du grand-vizir Sokollu Mehmed Paşa en septembre 1566? Daniel Panzac, ?De la guerre de Chypre à la guerre de Crète: un entracte en Méditerranée (1572-1645)? Eugenia Kermeli, ?Children Treated as Commodity in Ottoman Crete? Colin Heywood, ?The Shifting Chronology of the Chyhyryn (Çehrin) Campaign (1089/1678) According to the Ottoman Literary Sources, and the Problem of the Ottoman Calendar? Edith Gülçin Ambros and Jan Schmidt, ?A Cossack Adopted by the Forty Saints: an Original Ottoman Story in the Leiden University Library? Palmira Brummet, ?Ottoman Cartoon Maps: Imagining Space, Identity, and Nation in the Istanbul Popular Press, 1908-1913? F. A. K. Yasamee, ?Ottoman War Planning and the Balkan Campaign of October-December 1912? Çiğdem Balım, ?Writing Alternative Histories: Aitmatov?s The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years?
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