EDİRNE Its Jewish Community, and Alliance schools 1867-1937

EDİRNE Its Jewish Community, and Alliance schools 1867-1937
CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 2: THE OTTOMAN REALM AND CITY BACKGROUNDS CHAPTER 3: THE JEWISH COMMUNITY OF EDIRNE CHAPTER 4: SCHOOLING OPTIONS FOR JEWISH CHILDREN IN EDIRNE CHAPTER 5: THE TEACHING PROGRAM OF ALLIANCE SCHOOLS CHAPTER 6: SCHOOL MANAGEMENT CHAPTER 7: THE TEACHING STAFF CHAPTER 8: THE EARLY YEARS: 1867-1883 CHAPTER 9: THE BEST YEARS: 1884-1912 CHAPTER 10: THE ABSORPTION OF THE TALMUD TORAH SCHOOL CHAPTER 11: THE LAST PERIOD 1913-1937 CHAPTER 12: THE GIRLS SCHOOL CHAPTER 13: SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT EVOLUTION 1883-1923 CHAPTER 14 : CONCLUSIONS Annex 1 Incomes and What Money Could Buy 1870-1910 Annex 2 Samuel Loupo Annex 3 Reporting Requirements to "Paris" Annex 4 Alice Gueron Annex 5 Moise Mitrani Annex 6 Estimate of Turkish Jews immigrating to France Bibliography Illustrations Abbreviations AIU Alliance Israélite Universelle AAIU Archives Alliance Israélite Universelle ENIO Ecole Normale Israélite Universelle ff French Franc RE Série de Registration d?Ecole OGL Ottoman Golden Lira NLI National and Hebrew University of Israel TTP Talmud Torah Public School
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