RELIGION AND BOUNDARIES STUDIES FROM THE BALKANS, EASTERN EUROPE AND TURKEY Acknowledgements Galia VALTCHINOVA, Introduction. Religion, Boundaries, and Divine Intervention: Speaking from the margins Part One. Making / Erasing Boundaries at Holy Places and in Shrines Rossitsa GRADEVA, The Churches in the Life of Sofia citi-zens, 15th to 18th century (Preliminary notes) Benoît FLICHE, Les frontières de l’“orthodoxie” et de l’“hétérodoxie”: türbe et églises à Istanbul Katerina SERAIDARI, From Confrontation to Emulation: Religious mediations on Tinos (19th – late 20th century) Margarita KARAMIHOVA, Roma ‘Invasion’ in an Alevi tekke? (The case of Osman boba tekke in South-Eastern Bulgaria) Part Two. Crossing Religious Boundaries Bernard LORY, Pseudo-liturgies à la fron-tière entre millets Tünde KOMÁROMI, Crossing Boundaries in Times of Personal Crisis: Seeking Help from Orthodox Clergy in Transylvania Stelu ŞERBAN, Pilgrimage and Nationhood in a Tran-sylvanian Village Albena GEORGIEVA, Dreams as messages from the Other World: Insights from two local cultures in the Balkans Part Three. Religion, Boundaries/Borders, and Sociopolitical Change Eva POCS, Social tensions, political changes and divine intervention: Visions and apparitions in Eastern Hungarian communities in our age Vlad NAUMESCU, The Religious Imaginary of Western Ukraine: understanding social change through religious apparitions Gilles DE RAPPER, Religion on the border: Sanctuaries and festi-vals in post-communist AlbaniaPetko HRISTOV, Kurban of the De-serted Village Part Four. Religious Entrepreneurs and Holy Peo-ple Ilia ILIEV, The Story of Angelus, a visionary in the 1860s Galia VALTCHINOVA, Visions of national grandeur in Interwar Bulgaria and the re-discovery of the “Mount Athos of Sofia” Evgenia TROEVA, Prophetic Discourse on a Multi-faceted Boundary: Ob-serving a Religious Brotherhood in Moldova Ekaterina ANASTASOVA, Irina SEDAKOVA, Across Boundaries: the Prophet Zor Alef, a Case of Transnational Mysticism Fenya DEKALO, The Pilgrimage to Rabbi Eliezher Pappo’s grave in Silistra (Bulgaria) Žarko SPANIČEK, Slavonian popular prophets and saints Index
Edited by Galia VALTCHINOVA
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