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Author Name Edith Gülçin AMBROS
Other Informations 2015 528 p.
ISBN 978-975-428-555-0
Price 60.00 USD
Part I: Ways and means of searching 1. Na˙¬re, the will-o’ -the-wisp of Ottoman D¬v®n Poetry. 2. Ottoman modulations: ∫azel-i musammaş, murabba‘, şarqı. 3. Osmanlı Gazelinin Uzunluğunda Görülen Gelişmeler: 16. Yüzyılda Durum. 4. A Call for More Quantification: The Utility of a Simple Statistical Test. 5. With participants of a seminar of the author: Viyana'dan Muhibbî Divanına Ufak bir Ek ile İmalı Övgü Sanatına İlginç Bir Örnek. 6. Apollinaire’e "öncülük" eden 16. yy. şairi Meâlî: Ağaç şeklinde bir Osmanlı figür-şiiri veya teşcîri. 7. Vulgärer Wortschatz und syntaktische Ambiguität in den satirischen Ge-dichten des osmanischen Dichters Keğf¬ (m. 945/1538-9). Part II: Life 8. Beans for a cough, lion’s gall for a laugh: The poet and physician AΩmed¬’s materia medica as a mirror of the state of the art around 1400 in Anatolia. 9. With participants of a seminar of the author : Ignorante Ärzte und die Bändigung der Gelüste: Veranschaulichende Gleichnisse in einem türkeitürkischen medizinischen Ms. aus dem Jahre 1460. 10. A Mosaic of Medical Information on the Child in Fifteenth Cen-tury Anatolia. 11. Variatio Delectat: An Ottoman Collection of Medicinal and Dyeing Recipes. 12. One does not speak ill of the dead - or does one? Ottoman chronograms on death. 13. Of Cranes and Ducks: Kağızmanlı Hıfzı in the Wake of Karacaoğlan. 14. "O Mohammed, sie sagen wir sind mangel-haft!" — Osmanische Dichterinnen nicht auf den Mund ge-fallen? 15. With co-author Jan Schmidt: A Cossack Adopted by the Forty Saints: An Original Ottoman Story in the Leiden Uni-versity Library. 16. With co-author Jan Schmidt: A Rhymed Pe-tition of 1587 by a Deli: A Unique Document Kept in the Gron-ingen University Library (Hs. 486). Part III: Love, be it relig-ious or worldly 17. With the collaboration of Stefan Lombard: Die religiöse Dichtung des osmanischen Gouverneurs Ferh®d Pa·a (m. 1798). 18. Candid Penstrokes: The lyrics of Me’®l¬, an Ottoman poet of the 16th century. 19. Turkish Delights. 20. The "Language of Flowers" and Ottoman Don Juans (zenp®res). Part IV: Laughter 21. The Leş®‘if of Faq¬r¬, Ottoman poet of the 16th century. 22. An Ottoman Laş¬fe of the 16th Century. 23. Six lampoons out of Faq¬r¬’s Ris®le-i ta‘r¬f®t. 24. The Image in the 16th Century of Representatives of Science and Technology: Cameos by the Ottoman Poet Fa∆¬r¬. 25. With participants of a seminar of the author: Von Dichtern, Elefanten und Oliven. 26. "O Asinine, Vile Cur of a Fool Called „®t¬!": An Attempt to Show that Unabashed Language is Part and Parcel of an Otto-man "Idiom of Satire". 27. On a Conventional Dimension of 16th Century Scurrilous Ottoman Satire: Keğf¬’s (d. 945/1538-9) hicviyy®t.