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Author Name Zdenko ZLATAR
Other Informations 2015 456 p.
ISBN 978-975-428-530-7
Price 55.00 USD
Map of Byzantine Constantinople Table of Contents List of Tables List of Graphs List of Illustrations List of Abbreviations Foreword Prolegomena Introduction PART ONE: THE TOPOGRAPHY OF POWER Chapter One THE TOPOGRAPHY OF IMPERIAL CONSTANTINOPLE: I. THE PEOPLE Chapter Two THE TOPOGRAPHY OF IMPERIAL CONSTANTINOPLE: II. THE EMPEROR Chapter Three THE GREAT CHURCH Chapter Four THE GREAT PALACE Chapter Five CHRIST THE PANTOKRATOR: A MAUSOLEUM FOR THE KOMNENI PART TWO: THE PROSOPOGRAPHY OF POWER Chapter Six THE EMPERORS Chapter Seven THE IMPERIALS: THE LORDS AND LADIES OF BYZANTIUM Chapter Eight THE ARISTOCRACY Chapter Nine THE MILITARY [STRATIOTIKON] Chapter Ten THE PALACE OFFICIALS Conclusion Bibliography Appendix One THE ILLUSTRATED CHRONICLE OF IOANNES SKYLITZES IN MADRID Appendix Two MONASTERIES IN KOMNENIAN CONSTANTINOPLE (1081-1180) Map: Plan of Constantinople. After John Haldon, Palgrave Atlas of Byzantine History (Basingstoke, 2005), p. 40 Index One: All the Imperials Index Two: The Highest Imperial Titleholders 1081-1180